The Happy Nut Company

Enjoy the delicious taste of our selected premium nuts

Our gourmet blend

of cranberries, raw nuts

and delicious seed mix

Gourmet peanuts

in a delicious Thai lime

and sweet chilli coating

Our new 'Munch on the Run'

range of gourmet nuts

Gourmet encrusted

cashews roasted in

Australian wildflower honey

Gourmet blend

of the finest quality

raw nuts

Welcome to the Happy Nut!

We're a 100% Australian, family-owned business, and have been producing a delicious range of nuts since 1978.

Our nut collection includes something for everyone. We make the perennial favourites such as salted and unsalted peanuts and cashews, our own selections of mixed raw nuts, dried fruit, and a delicious cranberry nut and seed mix. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy our flavoured creations, which include candied peanuts, honey macadamias and the truly indulgent French Vanilla almonds. 

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We supply nuts to a variety of consumer outlets, from boutique corner stores through to significant grocery chains. For stores who require custom-produced nut quantities, we have the facility to individually tailor orders for your requirements.

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We hold ourselves to rigorous quality assurance standards and are HACCP certified. We use only the finest quality ingredients in all our products, and buy from suppliers who are credited under ISO9000 and HACCP systems.

Candied, salted, honey coated, spiced, roasted or mixed - "anyway you like it - that’s a happy nut"

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Flavour of the Month

Cinnamon Cashews

The perennial favourite, cinnamon is that versatile spice that’s been used for centuries.